First disappointment with Windows Home Server

It’s a shame to start the new year with a negative post. On return from a very pleasant trip to Hobart I find an unrecoverable error with the machine image backups on my Windows Home Server (WHS). The only work around currently is to delete all machine backups. My current 6 desktops and laptops at home can of course still be backed up. However I have previous images from some of these machines that would be useful to reinstall and these old images also contain still valuable data files. My faith in WHS has thus taken a knock.

In early February 2007 I was privileged to participate in the private WHS beta and soon bought a reasonably priced headless machine with large drives and connected all my existing external USB drives to give me 1.5 TB in total. This effective networked storage provides shared access, both local and remote, to safely duplicated files of all types. WHS provides encrypted remote access to all our home machines which is a particularly valuable feature. An increasing range of 3rd party add-ins now makes WHS even more valuable.

However it is the incredibly efficient nightly machine backup feature that is especially attractive. This allows whole machines to be reimaged or individual files to be retrieved from any backup. The latter feature has been of benefit on several occasions. I also kept machine images of old boxes that I now use for other purposes, knowing, or so I thought, I could also reinstate them again at will. It was for this feature I suffered the pain of longer then needed re-installs as we rolled through the betas and RCs during 2007.

From my own forum post about this backup problem I was alerted to several other users in similar difficulties. Hopefully the WHS team are busy resolving this problem.

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