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Once again my favourite cable TV technology programme, The Lab With Leo, came up trumps. In episode 139 Leo Laporte’s guest Tris Hussey, the regular blogging guy, talked about BlogBackupOnline. This online service trawls the feed for your blog and on request performs a full backup of all posts and comments in your blog. You can even save the images in your blog posts. Thereafter you can set a daily backup that adds any new posts and comments that are found each day.

I used this service for my own blog and was surprised the 255 posts, 86 comments and images in this blog (before this post of course) only amounted to 1.45 MB in total. The limit at the moment is 50 MB. You can access the HTML for any post, for example:


Clicking on a post on the left shows the HTML for the blog entry and comments, and links to the images for the post.

Although I have yet to try it the really impressive feature is the blog restore feature which currently works with Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and Windows Live blogs. BlogBackupOnline compares its list of posts with your blog and uploads missing posts and comments, and the whole blog if needed. We are reminded that to stop splogging (spam blogging) Blogger limits each user to 50 posts a day. To upload a big blog several days are needed.

In common with the blogging engines themselves BlogBackupOnline also allows you to download an XML file of all your posts and comments. However like the blogging engines the images are not included in this XML file but have to be captured singly by hand – not something one would rush to do!

Nevertheless for public blogs whose contents are accessible to all in any case the BlogBackupOnline service gives peace of mind. When the beta is over it remains to be seen what charges if any will be imposed.

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  1. Ivan Chew says:

    Thanks for this Michael. It’s new to me. I’m tempted to do a backup but on the other hand, I’m wondering how long that backup service will remain free and how long they will remain viable. The last thing I want to do is to think that I have everything backed up and then *poof* the service is gone. 🙂

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