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I just could not resist a trial of the new ‘personal twitter’ template called Prologue that the guys at released last week. Reluctant to turn this blog into a twitter interface I had to sign up for another blog called Twitter with Michael at

It turned out to be very easy to use, especially with the great features of Windows Live Writer which allows you to switch blogs with a single menu selection. The twitterpress blog page is very simple following the twitter heritage:


The Prologue template design guys could not resist adding tags which fortunately are optional. They have already redesigned the layout and the new format is shown.

Of course my twitterpress blog is open to the public so anyone can read it. To make it more useful and to allow ‘friends’ to tweet on my blog I now have to invite them and they must be users. Any takers? In the meantime I will keep experimenting. I am sure I will need a quick method to post to both twitter and twitterpress in one action.


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