Giving ScribeFire a Test

Following Peta’s example I am giving ScribeFire a test on this WordPress blog. Being a Windows Live Writer and a Windows addict it will be a difficult for ScribeFire to come close. So far the editing and spelling features are working well although I am already feeling the lack of keyboard shortcuts.

Devices like the Eee PC will only make sense if it can support the vast majority of my day-to-day information handling tasks via the FireFox browser. Learning a whole new suite of Windows applications replacement is not viable except in extremis on the road away from an Internet connection. Even in such a disconnected state I will wish for a Google Gears-like offline solution where you continue to use the browser in an offline mode with auto syncing on connecting to the Internet again.

Well here goes – pushing the Publishing button.

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One Response to Giving ScribeFire a Test

  1. Peta says:

    It’s possible to run Windows XP on an eee pc. As Sean mentions in a comment on this this post, he wanted WLW in particular on his eee.

    In the Settings you can turn off the “Powered by ScribeFire” appendage. Get to the settings by clicking the arrow on the top far left next to the A.

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