Yet More Productivity Tips That Might Just Work

Tips on how to get things done and save time at work are thick on the ground. A seemingly anonymous Lifehacker blog post caught my imagination for once since I could actually see myself implementing most of the 10 tips. My summary is:

  1. In extremis do a brain dump; leave your workstation and with pen/paper or lightweight device mind map problems, rants and ideas
  2. Set a timer, ignore distractions and stick at the current task alone until the bell
  3. Always give a qualified yes; say yes with one or more conditions, even if trivial
  4. Book a meeting with yourself; go away from your desk and in GTD parlance do a weekly review
  5. Get a meeting back on track; politely say “Let’s get back to the agenda”
  6. Limit every email to a maximum of 5 sentences; help yourself and your recipients
  7. Each week cross off one item from your to-do list; it is probably obsolete in any case
  8. Check email only after one hour at work
  9. At day end leave first doable task for next day on your keyboard (hence tip 8)
  10. Make deadlines; book lunch, dinner, sports, drink date

Now here goes.


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