Students Producing Facebook Apps

Jerry Owyang reports in his post entitled For Success, Facebook Marketing Requires Risk Tolerance on some of the outcomes of the innovative Facebook subject taught by BJ Fogg. BJ was speaking at the Graphing Social Patterns meeting. Jerry reports:

In the presentation from BJ Fogg who co-ran the Facebook class at Stanford, they developed applications, that they estimated totaled $500,000 in revenue from the students efforts in advertising. They give out a list of learnings on what made them successful, often it included being flexible, quickly iterating, not listening to individual opinions or getting approvals, just launching them, and experimentation. It was very clear to me that that behavior is the opposite of large brands, who want safety, low risk, and pre-written plans.

Such an outcome is not wholly unexpected but once more exemplifies the new approach to social media apps and extensions. The message once again is to keep the app very simple, expose it publicly very early, listen to your users and iterate often.


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