Saving Clicks in IE8

Ever wanted to change an odd character or word in the URL in the address bar of your browser? You end up clicking 2 or 3 times, yes? Well thank goodness that IE8 will revert to a more standard model of text editing in an improved click behaviour:

  • Single-click within a URL to insert the caret. This allows the user to make an in-line edit easily.
  • Double-click within a URL to select the word (words are delimited by common characters like slashes).
  • Triple-click to select the entire URL.
  • A subsequent click (a fourth click) will cycle back to the single-click behavior.

Alt-D still works as always to select the whole of the address bar URL. However, it’s a pity the new click behaviour does not work yet in IE8 beta 1. Fortunately the cool new domain highlighting does work well.


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