AideRSS is even Better

Eight months ago in a previous post about AideRSS I lauded the benefits that I had found after only 2 weeks of use. These benefits have progressed in the interim so that now 6 out of my top 20 most frequently read blogs are filtered by AideRSS. This amounts to a saving approaching 300 posts each month. Yet I still feel I see the most important posts from those filtered feeds.

Today I read in a post from Josh Catone at ReadWriteWeb (coincidentally one of my filtered feeds) that the PageRank algorithm has been improved by the addition of the frequency of occurrence in Twitter. PageRank now takes into account a blog post’s popularity in Google Blog search and Twitter. Technorati, IceRocket, and Bloglines have now been dropped as meriting consideration.

So moves the tide of popularity amongst social networks on the web.


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