Blogging 2.0 is Upon Us Already

According to some we are entering into the next phase of blogging inevitably named Blogging 2.0.

Duncan Riley (blogoz panellist and ex TechCrunch blogger) has recently created his own professional blog, Inquistr. He takes a cogent look at  ‘blogging 2.0’ where all of a person’s social media activity on sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as blogs is aggregated on sites like FriendFeed. It has been suggested that this trend will weaken professional blogging through fewer page views of the original blog site.

Quite rightly Duncan argues this will be a short term effect and blogging 2.0 should lead through the other social media channels to more views of blog content. I still think this will be at the expense of page views on the blog site itself which will effect:

  • advertising revenue
  • reduce onlinking to sites associated with the blog such as the blogroll
  • use of specialist widgets on the blog for searching, tagging, stats and the like

After all this is already happening with the single purpose blog aggregators like Google Reader, Bloglines and Newsgator. I probably visit the actual blog site for perhaps 1 in 50 of the posts I read on Google Reader.

Thus it is clear that the content of the blog posts themselves is the key going forward. Adverts, links and widgets need to be subtly integrated with each post. Blog post structure and design will be ever more important.


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