Need Centralised IT Services?

It has taken me a while to catch up with the term ‘technology populism’. Sarah Perez in her post tells us this appeared in a Forrester report. It appears that technology populism means:

an adoption trend led by a technology-native workforce that self provisions collaborative tools, information sources, and human networks — requiring minimal or no ongoing support from a central IT organization

So it seems that when Gen Yers start to become a significant part of the workforce then the need for central IT services starts to diminish significantly. Scary, and not only for systems sourcing, implementation and support, but also the security issues of storing confidential information in the cloud.

Certainly my own InfoWOE work is indicating that I can use freely available online services and storage to carry out a large part of my day-to-day work. All it would take, and this is a long bow today, is my colleagues to collaborate in similar fashion. This is food for thought for all organisations.


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