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Although I started using the note collection feature of the free online Office Live Workspace at this year’s beginning I have subsequently switched to Google Notebook. From the perspective of building a centralised notebook repository Google Notebook is more feature-rich.

Where meetings and conferences provide wi-fi access then Google Notebook (GN) is highly effective used on a laptop including the Eee PC. Meeting documents can be displayed in the browser and the  lower right corner of the web page given over to GN when the appropriate browser extension is installed (freestanding on Firefox 2/3 and accessed via the Google Toolbar on IE).

I have included a short screencast demonstration of GN in my new blog called Show-N-Tell Chronicles (RSS feed). Since at this point it actually has more than one post I can call it a screencast series. It’s amazing when planning a screencast how much you learn about a Web 2.0 service! Now I know about notebook sections that provide useful visible markers and links in the notebook navigation.

To date I have used GN mostly for personal use. By saving notebooks to Google Docs the notes collections can be published as web pages and downloaded as PDF, Word, ODF, HTML and text files. However, I am beginning to use the sharing and collaboration features of notebooks for a new research project as part of our new Health Informatics Research Centre.

GN is worth a second look.


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4 Responses to Google Notebook is Useful

  1. cosmo16feel says:

    By reading your blog I also feel that google notebook is very useful, thanks.

  2. Peta says:

    Indeed one, could amost call it a vodcast. Do you have the media files in enclosure tags in the feed?

    And it has had a change of template since this morning!

  3. Michael says:

    Well spotted on the template. Still experimenting with video uploading in WordPress. Haven’t got to the enclosure tags in the RSS yet.

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