iCasting – I Definitely Do That

Born out of BBC broadcasting the British OU is naturally wedded to the idea. But one of the OU’s leading experts in educational technology, Martin Weller, suggests in his post that modern-day educators have left broadcasting behind and instead do iCasting – the new digital literacy. In a single day Martin did these tasks:

  1. Record a talking head piece for the launch of the OU’s YouTube channel
  2. Record and synch the audio and upload a slidecast of a talk I gave last week
  3. Upload an educational video I had created to YouTube and add annotations
  4. Write two blogs posts
  5. Finish of a Camtasia video for a project

Like Martin I do slidecasting (although my co-author and co-presenter Peta H was more successful with our recent paper presentation), blogging and Camtasia screencasts. I haven’t done any live videos but I still think I’m an iCaster by his definition. His colleague John Naughton and his provocative blog title is also on board with iCasting.

Learning this new digital literacy simply by doing it and evolving the parts that work is my own approach and again mirrors Martin’s own philosophy. His message to his Director of Broadcasting ‘help us become iCasters’ is one I would also direct at my own institution.


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