Are You an Acculturated Twitter User Yet?

As always I was drawn to the opinions of Fred Stutzman in his post on information budgets and how we already wildly exceed them. He comments that we prune and manage our RSS feeds to fit the time we can spend reading or browsing through them. On the other hand for Twitter, being a new drain on our information budgets, those we follow are still learning not to be excessive in their tweeting. Fred though believes his once-profligate Twitter friends have become aware of drawing too much on his information budget:

‘… over time, I’ve noticed a shift. Call it an acculturation, a calming, or perhaps an evolution – but information budgeting seems to have evolved among Twitterers’.

I decided to test out my own Twitter friends and arrived at a figure of 8 tweets a day or less equating to an acculturated Twitterer. The reasoning was on the basis of that for each of my Twitter followers they are awake for 16 hours and consume 8 ihpd (Internet-connected hours per day) at 1 tph (tweet per hour) on average. Over 7 days that would be 56 tweets.

Using Summize/Twitter I used the advanced search feature to count the number of tweets from some of the more active Twitterers that I follow between the 7 days of 10-16 July inclusive. You may be in this list:

bmn, deswalsh, dpn, frankarr, NickHodge, SarahStewart, spidie, sufw

The acculturation scores for this group of 8 Twitterers (not in the alpha order above) are:


The blue bars show the excess above the 56 tweets. Might it be that some more acculturation is needed for T1 and T2 🙂 T7 and T8 certainly are information budget-friendly. I did these numbers only for fun, and won’t be changing my Twitter friends as a result!


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