The Wii Mote Continues the Revolution

Via his blog post one of my students, Peter Schliehe-Diecks, alerted the class to an awesome use of the Wii mote by Jonney Chung. On his site Jonney not only shows the YouTube video below but gives us a link to his software.

Everyone interested in designing and creating simple and effective user experiences should watch this video about user interaction hardware capable of revolutionising our use of desktops, laptops and projectors.



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One Response to The Wii Mote Continues the Revolution

  1. Kathryn Greenhill says:

    Hi Michael. I ❤ Johnny Lee. I did a session on the Nintendo wii for our Library Technology Group two weeks ago and used his YouTube TED video to contextualise it – and legitimise playing Cow Racing and with the wii fit for the rest of the session.

    I also used the last two min or so of the same clip in a talk I did for the uni community last week about academic blogging – to point out how very different scholarly communication is becoming and how blogs are part of the same space as Johnny’s YouTube communications. (I also used the blog that you and Peta set up instead of PowerPoint for your “blogs and blogging” talk to illustrate different uses for blogs:) )

    I’m *also* planning to use a bit of the same clip in a talk in a couple of months for the uni community about how input devices are changing the way we communicate – wii, XO laptop, eeePC, iPhone, Mitra’s “hole-in-the-wall”, bluetooth …etc.

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