Crying Out for Shared Document Repositories

My heart goes out to one of my students, Johannes Keim, who vents his justifiable frustration in his post entitled ‘IT (un-)enabled Group Projects’. Like many Bond students he has lots of group work with all the multiple email sharing problems:

Four subjects – three group projects. A nightmare for most of the students, including me. Countless meetings, even more mails and a million different documents containing the work of several people.

His fellow group members know about Office and email and that’s it. However, Johannes knows about online tools that can hugely relieve the pain. He says:

As a Business and IT student I am lucky to have some insight into solutions that make life easier, … Versioning is a nightmare and real IT enabled collaboration is just not existing. I tried to foster the use of Office Live where groups and work together online – the perfect solution and it’s free (for now). But most people say we don’t need that and that it’s too complicated. Bull*?$!.

Johannes is absolutely right. Shared document repositories is part of my own Information Work Online Experiment project work. I am determined to introduce tools like Office Live and Google Docs into the group work into my advanced web application subject next semester. One way to spread the word virally amongst students.


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  1. Peta says:

    Opportunity there for some embedded info literacy sessions at the beginning of group project subjects. These traditionally focus on how to find scholarly articles of relevance to the subject, but in these cases the focus should be on how to manage information collaboratively.

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