No Open Access PDF, No Citation

I am grateful to Kent Anderson who posted in ‘The Scholarly Kitchen’. He observes that:

Except in special cases, users don’t care about citations, and they may have stopped caring about articles in important ways. What they care about is information.

He goes on to quote an Economist writer (BWGIA) who says:

I]f a paper isn’t on G[oogle] S[cholar], and I haven’t seen it in another publication, as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t exist. . . .

Basically, if I can’t download a “free” pdf, the paper doesn’t get referenced. I do go from time to time to the library for mission critical papers, but the time it takes to get a paper is on the order of 30 min to an hour. A massive waste of time.

My own thoughts are converging on this view. Interestingly this quote concerns an article about a paper describing a narrowing trend in citations for open access papers in Science.


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