Student Blogging in Semester 082

Once again I embedded a blogging assessment into a subject, Web Applications, I taught this last semester. Again I asked each student to create a new public blog and a Google Reader account so students can read conveniently all the blogs of their classmates – the list of student blogs. I awarded 10% of the class mark for 10 posts answering 10 blogging tasks (reading plus summarise and answer a few questions) and 10 posts on topics of their own choice. This time I awarded no marks for use of the discussion forum; despite the lack of marks the forum was used fairly effectively nevertheless.

This was a new subject introducing the students to the creation and scripting of interactive web sites – the basic technology behind Web 2.0. For their last blogging task I asked the class to nominate three Web 2.0 sites they find useful. Out of the class of 20 a total of 47 different sites were suggested, 25 of which were new to me. Some sites were duplicated with Facebook appearing 3 times as the most popular choice. The list comprises:

Facebook (3) CalendarHub (2) Meebo (2) MySpace (2) Seek (2)
Skabble (2) Amazon Askeet Snowboard Hub Bittorrent
Comedy Search Engine Digg Feeddemon Filemail Flypaper
Friendster Game Tracker Goo Google Groups Google Maps
HubPages LibraryThing Lifehaps Linked In Mapquest
Picsviewr Podmatic Prism Quotes Daddy Reddit
Remember The Milk Sidereel Tag Galaxy Task Freak Thumbstacks
TikTrac Time Tracker TripIt Vistazoo Visual Thesaurus
Wesabe When Is Good Wikipedia Wikispaces XDrive
YouTube Zoho

As well as the expected entertainment sites I was pleasantly surprised at the range of personal information organisation web applications that were included.

The personal posts as usual give valuable insights into the students’ attitude to studies and life in general. I nominated some notable posts of this type.

Some students used one of their last posts to write some thoughts on the subject. This valuable feedback is appreciated but since I am yet to set final marks for the subject I read them with a little tongue in cheek. On the other hand when you receive a comment such as ‘… I always enjoyed coming to this class, it was awesome!’ it does bring on a warm inner glow.


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