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This post is created with the new WordPress browser bookmarklet called Press This. Selecting part of a web page and activating Press This opens a browser popup window containing the selected text and a link to the page at the bottom. The text can quickly be formatted as a quote if needed.

As it happens I was looking at one of the admin pages from my WordPress blog and admiring the new stats displays that are now available. Another feature of Press This is the ability to scrape images from the web page and allow them to be easily inserted in the blog post; the same thing happens for any embeddably videos in the page. Of course the link is private and the stats image is not a real image. So I haven’t used Press This in this post to its full potential.

Nevertheless he is the impressive stats display for a chosen post from my blog showing the intial interest declining as expected but with a small resurgence in access 10 days later:

I will be interested to see if the convenience of the Press This bookmarklet with its useful but limited editing will erode my normal use of Windows Live Writer for creating blog posts.


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2 Responses to WordPress Blog Stats

  1. fixator says:

    i don’t know why I haven’t used this function but I think that you convinced me. Nice..

  2. Douglas says:

    Thanks for trying out Press This! It is really a neat feature and is great for on-the-fly blogging. Let us know if you have any trouble with it or any suggestions. 🙂

    WordPress.com Support

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