Extensive Competencies Needed For New Web 2.0 Startups

One can’t ignore the important questions raised about the compentencies needed by today’s Web 2.0 startups by Dion Hinchcliffe in the post linked at the end courtesy of Press This. He reminds us that a successful Web 2.0 application needs to address:

Web Product Distribution Models, Widgets, Social Apps, and Open APIs

to ‘deliver a credible online product to a receptive user base’ that ‘has dramatic implications for both uptake and overall cost/time-to-market’. He wonders whether this is achievable for 2-5 person startups and fortunately concludes that ‘Not at all, at least not yet. The productivity level of the latest tools and techniques remains almost astonishing though the level of knowledge required of these teams is creeping up and up’, particularly for software distribution mechanisms. He models the complexity in his typical bold diagrammatic formalism:

Dion claims that ‘It is also one reason why fewer and fewer Web startups have the goods to be all around hits out of the gate’. This is a warning for would-be Web 2.0 startups. However the perpetual beta syndrome of many successful Web 2.0 applications is another ameliorating factor that is played to limit by much larger Web 2.0 companies. It appears that users are happy to accept features that grow steadily with time, sometimes from a very low base.

Building Modern Web Apps? Better Have A Deep Competency in Web 2.0, Open APIs, Widgets, Social Apps, and Much More [Dion Hinchcliffe’s Web 2.0 Blog].

[This is a bigger test of the Press This bookmarklet but still not successful. I typed some of my own text, switched to Quote view to copy some quoted text, but my own text vanished on return. Also on the first save all access to images, successfully extracted from the web page, are lost.]


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