Simple Mobile Phones

I have been saying for several years ‘I just need a mobile phone that makes calls and texts, and can sync my contacts and diary’. I have always assumed it was my advanced age that spurned the many, many other features now finding their way into even the basic mobile handsets.

Now I am relieved to hear that even the younger generation are thinking the same thoughts. From the Wired Campus blog post linked below:

Youngsters have been branded as gizmophiles, attached to their phones and their many uses. But a new survey from the University of New Hampshire suggests that students use their phones in limited ways — mainly for talking, texting, keeping track of time, and a handful of other basic functions.

This gives me solace indeed. Now we only need the handset manufacturers to listen. I might add a GPS unit to my ideal phone trying to think ahead a little.

Wired Campus: For Many Students, the Simplest Cell Phones Suffice –

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