Web 2.0 Task Management Comparison

I was suddenly contacted on Twitter by Olga Shtaub of Take2Gather (T2G) with suggestion I look at their online task management. As it happens just three weeks prior to that I had switched from Outlook tasks to the Aussie Remember the Milk (RTM) task management site. I decided to compare the two free versions of these web tools for keeping track of my own personal tasks.

As it turned out Task2Gather has only a very small subset of features compared to RTM so that any attempt at comparison is unfair from the word go. For a start I could find no comprehensive help information that RTM provides in T2G. Skelton help tips appear in T2G behind various panels in the user interface. My favourite feature of RTM, the single key shortcuts, are totally absent in the T2G ui which by its heritage seems to be aimed at mobile phones that just happens to appear in a web page. This shows in the cool movement of the T2G gear logo when screen update is in progress.

The only major point of difference of T2G is its task hierarchy model that in tree view gives a visual view of interrelated tasks. However for a single user a tree is somewhat of an overkill as is T2G’s shared user group task model. RTM offers multiple task lists and tags which allow individual tasks to be assigned to several categories reflecting real-life situations. Both systems offer a task commenting/notes facility.

Integration with calendar apps that support  iCalendar is common to both systems. After that T2G is left far behind by RTM features:

  • comprehensive getting started guide and FAQ help pages
  • extensive key shortcuts
  • time zone and date/time customisation
  • locations, reminders, email integration
  • syndication feeds and public lists
  • smart task lists for overdue tasks, tasks due of various time periods
  • a wide range of other web service integration, API, mobile phone apps, offline access and more

T2G still has a very long way to go and will probably stand a better chance of success by sticking with mobile phone versions. It is RTM for me for the foreseeable future.


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4 Responses to Web 2.0 Task Management Comparison

  1. olgash says:

    Michael, thanks for comparing Task2Gather with RTM. It is great honor for us.
    Task2Gather is only 2 months and RTM is 3 years old. It is like comparing a baby and a teenager:)
    Another thing that I wanted to single out is that RTM and Task2Gather have different audience. Task2Gather targets more on companies (there are more than 20 companies already use our service).
    As for FAQ we are in the process of creating it. Moreover on our blog we constantly post how to’s and answer our users’ questions via e-mail.

  2. I’ve written several posts about my experiences with GTD apps on my blog at http://johnkendrick.wordpress.com/how-to-gtd/ that also might interest you. John

  3. Michael says:

    Yes, Olga, I did admit it was unfair to compare T2G and RTM. As you say T2G is very young and destined for the corporate market where the task tree will offer advantages.

  4. Michael says:

    John, thanks for the extensive set of GTD links.

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