Twittering Politicians

We have all seen the use of Twitter for the Obama (@BarackObama) campaign where he attracted over 125,000 followers. It is no surprise then to see our own politicians joining the blossoming microblogging community that is Twitter.

As reported by in a technology article just yesterday our very own prime minister caught the Twitter bug and set up his shingle as @KevinRuddPM. Via another post by Craig Thomler I discovered other twittering politicians such as our valiant leader of the opposition, @TurnbullMalcolm, who appears to be well ahead of his principal opponent in the twittering stakes.

Of course I immediately followed @KevinRuddPM to be instantly rewarded by a following. Repeating the same with @TurnbullMalcolm has sadly yet to result in the courtesy following! Tut, tut. [Update: the following did finally appear 6 hours later.]

Craig raised the interesting question as to whether our federal government agencies by twittering as well. Maybe the Twitter snowball is starting to gather pace.


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