BarCamp Gold Coast 2 Report

Along with about 25 others I attended the second BarCamp Gold Coast event held at Griffith Uni on Saturday 29 November. I got there early to help with the setup of two excellent rooms with plenty of space and power outlets. It was pleasing to see my PhD student Matt Carter there and a student from my classes this semester, CJ Petrich. One of the speakers was Dan Toomey, a Bond MIT alumnus now become a BizTalk expert.

Photos I know about so far were uploaded to Flickr by Des Walsh. More photos are expected, particularly those of  Aaron Spence of Panedia, and the panorama he took. Once again he gave us an excellent talk showing us the new embedding features for his stunning panoramas. I will report on these as the links become available.

I gave a talk early in the day about the first Social Media BarCamp held at Bond Uni in September. My wiki page ‘slides’ for this talk start at this page. In the second half of my talk I asked the audience how we might raise the audience at the next social media get together at Bond. Publicity and using more traditional communication channels like email and print media (rather than Twitter and Facebook) were suggested. It also became clear that leveraging off the Social Media Club Brisbane was a sensible option to consider. Keeping on a similar theme Des Walsh gave an excellent talk on Social Media in China.

I tried to be consistent with the barcampgc hashtag in my Twitter coverage of the day but this is my best collection of tweets which give a good summary of the other talks I attended. It was after lunch that I decided to give CoverItLive a try. A quick sign up and I was able to create a BarCamp GC live blogging session. About half way through this I discovered that you can set Twitter accounts where the tweets are automatically captured into the live blog while it is in progress. Any number of Twitter accounts can be set up so that a group of Twitterers’ tweets can be captured together. Note the tweet entries are specially marked. Because of the severe WordPress limitations about inserting an iframe I show only a static image here:


During this BarCamp Des Walsh was busy doing interviews with a number of individuals with his new Flip miniature videocam (I want one). I was one of his chosen targets and again in this video we chatted about the Social Media BarCamp at Bond. Again owing to the very, very poor ability of WordPress to allow videos to be played in-post I show a static image with the link.


Griffith provided us with a good wi-fi service which was well used. The 353 MB of data usage cost us $66 and this was sponsored by Refactor.

from Steve Dalton

The attendance at this second BarCamp on the Gold Coast was a little lower but the day was still full of useful presentations, discussions and networking. Again we must thank the organiser, Steve Dalton, for his Herculean efforts to bring us another most successful event.


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  3. Peta says:

    You could try using vodpod to embed video in WP. I even managed to embed a flash widget from the GetUp site into a WP post using vodpod. You can access it from the “insert media” video option – no account required. 🙂

  4. Michael says:

    I find vodpod somewhat unreliable. It seems that 2 out of 3 videos I try to import into vodpod fail. It certainly didn’t work with Des Walsh’s video from of course I only had the direct link to the video and not the embed code.

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