Attempt to Perpetuate The Real Book

From another gem of a post by Kathryn Greenhill she points us to Clay Shirky’s guest BoingBoing blog post about publishers perishing. In turn he comments on the controversial James Gleick post entitled ‘How to Publish Without Perishing’ – the glaring quote being:

Go back to an old-fashioned idea: that a book, printed in ink on durable paper, acid-free for longevity, is a thing of beauty. Make it as well as you can. People want to cherish it.

Clay Shirky put a concise and compelling argument about why is just not a reasonable position. Kathryn amplifies Clay’s reasoning, but for me this quote from Clay is the most telling, more so because it applies not just to books and newspapers, but many other aspects of modern living like the business of education, commerce and government:

Businesses don’t survive in the long term because old people persist in old behaviors; they survive because young people renew old behaviors …

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