BarCamp Gold Coast Meeting 2 Update

I now have the link to the impressive panorama taken by Aaron Spence of the attendees of BarCamp Gold Coast 2 on Saturday 29 November 2008 (see previous report) and published on his Panedia site. I appear in the circle but you have to be patient to see me with PhD student Matt Carter and undergraduate CJ Petrich as we appear at the end of the 360º sweep. The quick and efficient way these panoramas are captured in a vertical shot and 6 horizontal shots on the straightforward tripod mount is always marvellous to see.

Aaron also took many still photos and has put up his BarCamp collection on his photos site. It was very easy for me to subset the photos with which I had a link by signing up for a free account at the Zenfolio site and creating my own BarCamp Gold Coast 2 gallery (click the Slideshow link). The photos feature me, Matt and CJ.

I would very much like to thank Aaron for the excellent job and the work he did to put up the photos and panorama.


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