Living in the Connected Era

A tweet alert from @deswalsh drew me to a post by Lee Odden reporting an interview with Richard Binhammer from Dell. As Des’s tweet indicated there are some discerning comments. The first that struck me is the concept of what Dell calls the ‘Connected Era’:

Rather than static sites, the Web has become the global information technology infrastructure that underpins a rich, interactive and fully featured way to communicate and connect. At Dell we call it The Connected Era

The result: it is easy to connect, communicate  and share information with others.  You can now find information you want—when you want, as well as share that information and your own perspectives.  That’s why it is social.

There is much more in the post than I can comment on here but I will end with a belief that I fully share with Richard who says:

… social media is contributing to a significant change that take[s] us from what I call the “traditional, rational, objective, institutional” perspective to a more “subjective, emotive, personalized and human” perspective.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Michael and glad some things resonated

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