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I found the post by Craig Thomler entitled ‘Government Etiquette on Twitter’ fascinating and full of discerning take-aways about Twitter. A few are picked out here:

  • ‘Twitter is a very loose two-way mechanism. Its design does not foster the level of debate that is supported via a forum or allow for the level of indepth personal commentary (with comments), as does a blog.’
  • ‘The two things it does really well are placing short stream of consciousness messages, announcements and comments into the public eye and allowing for brief Q&A style exchanges of views, without enormous depth or follow-on.’
  • ‘It it less used as a method to respond to customers and constituents – but in its two-way mode can be used to gauge public satisfaction and collect top-of-mind responses as part of a consultation process.’

There is more to read but I have to admire the near-perfect level of concise description presented in a series of pithy paragraphs, one per opinion or subtopic. The post fills exactly one screenful on my wide-screen monitor and comes close to my idea of the ideal blog post.


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