Saved Once Again by Web 2.0

I had to invigilate an open final examination (open to the Internet and Google!) for one of my subjects this morning. Arriving at the appointed computer laboratory I discovered with dismay there was no clock, probably the first prerequisite for an exam room.

We commandeered a spare machine and thought to use the Date/Time control panel applet only to discover that access to this is banned, even for instructors’ accounts – we obviously can’t be trusted not to change the date on our institutional machines.

Being an advanced web applications class it was not long before one of the students discovered this online stopwatch that counts up and down:


We had to choose a machine that all students could see and remember to deactivate the screensaver.


The online clock worked well, and I was ready for a second exam later in the morning when the same situation arose. Hopefully others will find this useful, but it is an expensive clock!


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6 Responses to Saved Once Again by Web 2.0

  1. 🙂 I use this all the time when I am practicing for presentations. I put my PPT slides on one monitor and the same online stopwatch on the other screen. I ❤ it.

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  3. Ivan Chew says:

    Clever! I guess that student who found that web app must have passed the exams with extra marks? Or at least a beer! 🙂

  4. Peta says:

    You could have projected it onto the screen

  5. adam muir says:

    Good idea! I’ve been in a similar situation in the past, and to get around it I used the Windows XP screensaver that shows a 3D clock, and projected it at the front of the room. Perhaps a bit clumsy since it’s not a precise countdown, but I started on the hour and went for an hour so not too bad.

  6. Michael says:

    I’m not even sure that the full set of screensavers are available in our student labs.

    As for projecting the time – I couldn’t use Google Reader to catch up on my blog posts if the instructor machine was used as a clock!

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