How Scientists Can Interact with Society

Kent Anderson posts about science teachers but I think his ideas extend to all scientists. One of the main problems with the apparent decline in maths and science is ascribed to the inability of scientists to keep society informed of their work and its benefits. This suggestion by Kent sounds a very good one to me:

Millions of students are trotting around with camera cell-phones. Imagine if they could snap a picture of an interesting bug, cloud, rock formation, or plant, and find out from a scientist what it is. Science education would be interactive in a whole new way, and “teachable moments” could occur more spontaneously.

I can visualise a Twitter-like system for posting the photos and geolocation and receiving replies. Web 2.0 software developers, how about it?


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  1. Peta says:

    Sounds like FlickR could be a good partner in something like this.

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