Tag Clouds Instead of Business Cards

In a recent post from one of my favourite bloggers, Martin Weller, he postulates:

It seems to me that your tag cloud becomes a sort of shorthand for your online identity. In the future we won’t swap business cards (even cool Moo ones), but rather tag clouds. Perhaps dating, and recruitment services will be run by matching the compatibility between tag clouds?

I think it’s a great idea and up there with an idea from Peta Hopkins where she was heard to suggest that all reports, papers, and similar documents should have a tag cloud as part of their abstracts. She hasn’t blogged about this particular idea yet but has mentioned tag clouds a few times.


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3 Responses to Tag Clouds Instead of Business Cards

  1. Natasha M. Baker says:

    What a great idea! You can replace research paper abstracts with tag clouds. TagCrowd.com is an easy-to-use tag cloud creator.

    Natasha Baker

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