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Here are a couple of examples of a tagcloud ‘abstract’ (see my earlier post) of the paper entitled ‘Towards the Integration of Social Media with Traditional Information Systems’ presented by Peta Hopkins and myself at ICCMSN2008. Commenting on the earlier blog post Natasha Baker liked the tagcloud abstract idea and pointed me to TagCrowd which allows you to upload a text file of a document. I reduced our paper to text and TagCrowd generated:


Note that only the top 50 of the 962 different words are shown.

Of course I couldn’t resist running the same words through my favourite Wordle site, although here you have to copy and paste the text into a web form rather than nominating a text file.


Note how the Wordle tagcloud abstract is more detailed and picturesque. I must say that as an abstract I prefer the TagCrowd version.


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