Slide Show Movies from Picasa 3

Two or three weeks ago I upgraded to Picasa 3 and am pleased with its improved, cleaner user interface. For the last couple of years I have used Picasa web albums to publish my photos for public viewing. It was only today while I was adding a web album for our 41st wedding anniversary  that I noticed the new movie making feature for the first time. Even though I had only a few photos I gave it a whirl and am impressed by the simplicity and ease with which a YouTube HD movie can be created and uploaded. Herewith the result:

With friends and colleagues becoming enamoured with Animoto recently it is interesting to compare the two services. I generated a meetup with some friends a week ago on Animoto. Uploading the slides to the Animoto site is more painful, although adding music from the built-in collection is easier. There is little to choose between them. Animoto certainly wins though with its creative animations of the slides:


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