A Small Personal Twitter Milestone

As luck would have it I happened to open my Twitter home page on the web, something I do rarely, and noticed I had exactly 1000 tweets. Although paltry by the standard of some of my Twitter friends I thought I would mark this small milestone.

My tweet number 1000 turned out to be a ‘personal’ one, something relating to my own day-to-day life rather than the ‘professional’ tweets I favour. By that I mean tweeting about a topic or link that I reckon might be of interest to other tweeps. So in its full glory my 1000th tweet is:


For the record the Australian date is Friday 30 January 2009. Ironically Twitter was down at the time and the tweet didn’t get delivered by the 7 am deadline for go/no go on the ride! It’s taken me a while to reach this milestone from my first tweet almost 23 months ago:


If you do the sums you will see I was dormant for several months at the start. This also got me thinking about my personal/professional tweet mix. I look through my last hundred tweets or so and decided between 20-25% of my tweets are personal. [Google Reader comes to the rescue here showing my Facebook status change RSS feed which is a reflection of my Twitter updates.]

Then I moved on to look at tweet frequency. I wrote six months ago about acculturated twitter users and chose the number of 8 tweets a day as a comfortable number to receive from my Twitter friends. [Sadly Stephen Fry had to bite the dust after exceeding this greatly during his childish rant about failing to use the simplest Vista features.] So it was on to TweetStats to see how I was doing. Over the last year I have been averaging 3.1 tweets per day, enough I think, although with great variation especially when live tweeting conferences and meetings. I used TweetStats on some of my Twitter friends to see how they were doing. I shortened their Twitter names to the first and last letter so they might be able to recognise themselves:


As can be seen there are a number who exceed the 8 tweets a day ideal.

[Just noticed one of the guys I follow most avidly on Twitter, @mweller, has just crossed the 1000 tweet threshold as well.]


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