Songsmithing Thumbs Nose at Detractors

You’ve got to admire the SongSmith research team in Redmond. Microsoft wouldn’t make it a product so the Microsoft Research team launched it out of the MSR site.  The technology podcasters/writers panned it and scoffed at the advert (note the decaled Mac):

And as often happens when critics howl SongSmith has gone feral. The idea was for anyone to sing into a mic and SongSmith provides the backing music adjusting for key. But someone had the bright idea of stripping the vocals out of existing music videos, feeding them into SongSmith to do its stuff, and then remixing the output back into the video. So was songsmithing born. Brilliant! Here are a few songsmithing examples but the YouTube well is filling fast.

I daren’t risk exposing my own voice in public. I do have a continual need of intro/outro music for podcasts and slidecasts. Songsmith doesn’t distinguish between voice and instruments, any input to the mic will do. I therefore pulled up the Ocarina app on my iPhone and played a few notes rather badly into the mic. SongSmith only has a couple of controls to vary the output so I was soon satisfied. I make a raw screencast of the song:

You get six hours use for free and then only USD 29 for such an amusing and useful musical tool. Go for it!


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