TEL replaces eLearning

In the 2008 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK it is clear that the old term ‘eLearning’ is being replaced by the new term ‘TEL’ which stands for technology enhanced learning.

In the survey TEL was defined as ‘any online facility or system that directly supports learning and teaching. This may include a formal VLE [Virtual Learning Environment], an institutional intranet that has a learning and teaching component, a system that has been developed in house or a particular suite of specific individual tools’.

The survey series goes back to 2001 and the findings point to the motivation of TEL still being driven by learning and teaching activities, meeting student expectations, a committed local champion and the growing rise of technology enhanced learning strategies.

In terms of systems:

Blackboard continues as the most used enterprise or institutional VLE. However, when also including VLEs that are used more locally, e.g. within departments, then Moodle is most used with a rapid rise since 2005. Overall, there is a vastly reduced range of VLEs in use since 2005.

So it looks like being a straight fight between Blackboard and Moodle, at least in the UK. As always ‘lack of time’ is quoted as the main barrier to TEL adoption.


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