SplashURL – Great Idea – Needs Work

Thanks to Peta for pointing us to the splashURL site. When showing a site in a presentation a quick click on the splashURL bookmarklet simultaneously shortens the URL and shows it in large font for the audience to copy it down quickly. Simple but very effective.

Can I suggest a couple of changes:

  1. The bookmarklet should open a new tab/window with the shortened URL as almost certainly the presenter will want to return quickly to the original web page; hitting the back button might be slow or even lose dynamic  information.
  2. Using the splashURL bookmarklet on its own page gives an embarrassing error; checking for its own address in the script would make for a cleaner response:


Otherwise this is a really great idea.


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One Response to SplashURL – Great Idea – Needs Work

  1. Christopher Gutteridge says:

    OK. I’ve added a more helpful error message!

    Check out the new QRCode mode, for getting URLs onto phones.

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