Ever Closer, Educational Discontinuity

In his Digital Citizenship post Mark Pesce is as forceful as ever about warning us of a power shift in education and other huge changes associated with digital citizenship. Sticking with the education theme Mark’s opening paragraph hits home:

A spectre is haunting the classroom, the spectre of change. Nearly a century of institutional forms, initiated at the height of the Industrial Era, will change irrevocably over the next decade. The change is already well underway, but this change is not being led by teachers, administrators, parents or politicians. Coming from the ground up, the true agents of change are the students within the educational system. Within just the last five years, both power and control have swung so quickly and so completely in their favor that it’s all any of us can do to keep up. We live in an interregnum, between the shift in power and its full actualization: These wacky kids don’t yet realize how powerful they are.

Many of us are aware of the ‘interregnum’ and alert our colleagues and discuss it with them. This piece by Mark is yet another shot across the bows and I hope to exploit it. I fear though, that the idea of co-presence will take a long time to sink in, too long to be effective. One can but try.


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