Time Loading for Social Networking in a Snapshot

I have to complement Beth Kanter on an excellent chart that captures in a single snapshot the amount of time that needs to be spent in each stage in the use of social media. Since she urges us to remix I reproduce it here:


There is little for me to add. Beth combines the main uses of social media, shows us the Web 2.0 social media sites, and the timeline. The time periods correspond very closely to my own estimates although I spent little time myself generating buzz and only occasionally use digg, StumbleUpon and friendfeed.

Another good timeline comes from Nina Simon at Museum 2.0 estimates the time needed per week to be a participant (up to 5 hours), content provider (5-10 hours) and community director (up to 20 hours):


Again this all rings true. Looks like consensus?

[Via Craig Tomler]


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