Joy – Computer Scientists Should Accelerate Social Networking Research

Well it was extremely uplifting to read the summary by Jeffrey Young of the outcomes of a meeting  led by Ben Sneiderman at the Uni of Maryland last week that resulted in a white paper resulting in a ‘National Initiative for Social Participation’ (NISP). [The full article by Jeffrey needs a subscription account.] The meeting argued that in the US:

… computer-science programs at universities and federal agencies need to move faster to support research into social-networking technology, which they see as the next frontier of innovation.

Needless to say this sentiment is music to my ears and is most welcome. I also think that it will also bring a smile to the face of my research project leader, Renato Iannella, who runs the Social and Professional Interoperable Networks (SPIN) project at NICTA.

Ben Sneiderman is leading the charge for NISP:

the challenges of creating useful social networks is precisely why more research should be done. "Coping with legitimate dangers such as privacy violations, misguided rumors, malicious vandalism, and infrastructure destruction or overload all demand careful planning and testing of potential solutions,"

Now we need to rally Australian computer scientists to the cause.


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