A New Q&A Resource on Twitter for Baby Boomers

I signed up at the BoomerAuthority site and found myself recruited as a founding member of a community of over 80 professional and organisations offering timely advice using Twitter.


The idea is that @BoomerAuthority becomes a free service on Twitter that advocates the rapid shift in the way marketers of products and professionals selling services reach the baby boomer consumer. As with all social media it is switch from one-way communication to that of listening and individual response. @BoomerAuthority attempts to connect boomers to qualified professionals who listen and then help with questions.

I am hoping the totally distracting repeating background of the @BoomerAuthority page as I write is corrected soon.

When you need help with an issue, have a question, seek an opinion, or simply want a recommendation, use Twitter in the normal way:

  1. Send a public message to @BoomerAuthority.
  2. The tweet is read by BoomerAuthority community members for questions related to their area expertise.
  3. A knowledgeable member from the Boomer Authority community responds with an answer to the specific question via your preferred method of response.

Intended uses encompass these and many other questions:

  • look for help with career choice options, beginning an encore career, or launching a new business venture
  • need a recommendation from a professional service
  • wanting advice on setting up social media tools like blogs, wikis and so on
  • want an opinion about joining a particular social networking community
  • travelling to a foreign country and want recommendations
  • seek an answer that is related to health, wellness or fitness

I am looking forward to see how I do as a boomer agony aunt.


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Academic in IT interested in Web 2.0 and social media

One Response to A New Q&A Resource on Twitter for Baby Boomers

  1. David Tangye says:

    Is this a danger with Web2 though: someone sets up a site called ‘xyz AUTHORITY’ and everyone is expected to believe they are actually authorities, just because they say they are? Who scutinizes/authenicates your colleagues? This sort of thing could and I daresay WILL be subverted by people for their own commercial and other ends. What is to prevent this? Replace the word ‘authority’ with something else like ‘assistance/advice’ and I could buy it. And why Boomers? I scanned the site and I am a bit lost on their significance.

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