Zotero 2.0 Brings Shared Group Libraries At Last

This post extends my blogknot of entries about online, shared Zotero libraries of references. Version 1.5 of Zotero brought us a personal shared, online reference library accessible at the Zotero site. Attached files were still a problem but I was able to use Live Mesh to sync these files across all of my machines. [Zotero recommends you use your own WebDAV service for this but I suspect not many users will have access to a WebDAV server.]

Zotero 2.0 in beta arrived a few days ago and despite the local Zotero database needing to be reformatted it is pleasing to see that my Live Mesh sync method is still working. However the exciting new feature in Zotero 2.0 is the addition of online group libraries. Now a group of Zotero users can share and update a group library of references. Now a research group can create and maintain a single collection of references – a feature for which I have been waiting for a number of years. Great work by the Zotero developers and another one in the eye for EndNote.

You may find yourself on a machine without the Zotero Firefox add-on (at work or on the road) or wish to use another browser. You can still access your personal and group libraries online via the Zotero site so your references are accessible anywhere on the Internet.

The one problem I found with Zotero 2.0b3 is that I couldn’t upload a Zotero profile picture using IE8. This probably points to other IE8 problems with Zotero. However normally you would be using Firefox for all your Zotero usage.


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  1. Maia says:

    Have you checked out Archivd? I think their sharing and commenting features are more fully fleshed out, and it’s all online so no syncing is necessary.

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