Twitter Handle as Business Card

Des Walsh has a typically insightful discussion on the design and contents of a business card and its role in the new 21C connected society, a million miles from the 20C era of business cards.

My own view is that Des only needs one word in large font on his card, @DesWalsh, his Twitter handle. Most knowledgeable people will know to access in a browser to find from his Twitter badge details:

  • photo
  • email address
  • prime web site address which should show the email address
  • short bio at efficient Tweet size

In fact this list is a large subset of what Des proposes for his new card and has benefits:

  • Twitter badge contact details can be changed at any time – no business card reprints
  • Des can ‘speak’ his card – people with mobiles can type it in quickly (more quickly perhaps than taking a photo of a QR code which needs another app to interpret it)

I firmly believe that Twitter handle as a business card is the way of the future.

[I typed a comment along these lines into Des’ blog, only to lose it all when my mobile broadband link dropped out on this train I am travelling on. I have reverted to reliable Windows Live Writer and a blog post so that I won’t lose this text a second time!]


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2 Responses to Twitter Handle as Business Card

  1. Des Walsh says:

    Fascinating thought, Michael. I can see this working really effectively with some people: others I meet are less than optimally knowledgeable.

    LiveWriter is good. Whenever I’m composing a blog post online and there’s a crash I do a ritual self-berating that I was not using LiveWriter.

  2. Here’s a survey I conducted earlier this year about Twitter ID on Business Cards::

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