Happy Recipient of ALTC Citation

To my delight today I received confirmation of my award of an Australian Teaching and Learning Council citation for 2009. My citation which is limited to 25 words is:

For developing advanced, innovative virtualisation technology and teaching
processes to allow information technology students to gain industrial-level
experience with advanced software, servers and operating systems.

This stemmed from leading a project to create a Virtual IT Teaching Laboratory (VITTL) to allow my colleagues and myself to teach advanced IT subjects using industrial-strength software for their assignments. Rather a complicated and highly restricted setup on our workstations in the teaching lab, VITTL is able to allocate students one or more virtual machines for which they have administrator privileges. On their virtual machines they can install and run the actual software to be found in the computing industry. Check out some slides for the recent 2009 Queensland Computing Education Conventicle.

In helping me put together the nomination I have to say a huge thank you to Assoc Prof Rozz Albon or our Teaching and Learning Services who worked tirelessly with me. She provided the inspiration and the subtle and not so subtle pressure to meet the deadlines.

The complete list of citation award winners is available.


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2 Responses to Happy Recipient of ALTC Citation

  1. David Tangye says:

    Congratulations Michael. Great to see efficient and useful technology being pushed into the education system. It should help cut the overheads in the sector, and make education itself more efficient and effective.

  2. Michael Rees says:

    Thanks for your kind words, David.

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