Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The ‘Idiom: Here today, gone tomorrow’ page from tells us the definition:

Money, happiness and other desirable things are often here today, gone tomorrow, which means that they don’t last for very long.

As explained by Craig Thomler in his post we now have a ‘desirable thing’ in the form of the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s climate change blog. As with the Digital Economy blog the one on climate change will exist for only 5 days. Comments will be moderated but only during weekday working hours. We will be limited to 300 words per comment; wow, that’s 10 tweets worth, more than enough. But not so fast, unlike tweets we can’t include links to other online materials to support our comment text. Sharpen your quills those words need careful tuning.

Still we have to be grateful and bring to mind another useful idiom ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ which is taken to mean:

Big or great things start very small.

Get those blog comments happening.


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