Protesting Against Losing a Green Golf Course to Development

I am a member of the Clear Island Waters Action Group (CIWAG) who are fighting against the redevelopment of Surfers Paradise golf course next to where I live. Developer John Fish is proposing to obliterate the fauna and flora of a beautiful golf course for the sake of 1200 dwellings up to 9 storeys high to house 3500 residents plus substantial commercial premises and a noisy tavern. Read and comment on our blog and Twitter the action group at @ciwag.

At least the free Gold Coast Sun newspaper gave us some coverage on page 3 in their edition of 29 July 2009 with a photo showing the action group with placards and local residents showing support:

CIWAG 001 (600x341)

The $850M development will be difficult to oppose but we are bringing in social media tools like blogs and Twitter to help us with the fight.


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