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Several weeks ago I noticed a link containing in my Twitter stream and discovered this was a pre-beta version of a ‘Social Site & Relationship Manager’. Sign-up was available and I became the 175th user of this potentially useful service claiming my full name. Very quickly I was able enter a selection of my social media sites which are accessed at


The Xeesm was and still is somewhat embryonic with a big frustration being once a link is added or edited it is difficult to check the end result easily. Nevertheless I was happy to use this URL as a single point of contact and even changed my Twitter badge to use the link.

Such a simple and useful idea was bound to have competition and I soon came across a competitor in and quickly snagged


I like the choice of themes and the feature to download a vCard by clicking the icon at the top left. Also I find the link somewhat easier to remember. So my Twitter badge currently uses my link.

A couple of days ago listening to the second episode of the new This Week in Google podcast from the Leo Laporte stable reminded me of Google Profiles which now has similar aggregation features for your social media sites. I hurriedly dusted up my old Google profile at which is not very compact but offers similar features including a vCard download:


I recently blogged about using only my Twitter handle on my business card. Subsequently I followed Des Walsh’s advice and ordered my cards from Click Business Cards. At the same time I had to think of a new activity description and decided on social media architect – one who designs and integrates collections of social media tools into a cohesive toolset for a business or individual.


No doubt we have several more competitors to come.


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