Use a Hashtag to Send Twitter Business Card

Following on from my musings about a business card with just my Twitter handle on it comes the electronic extension of this idea via a hashtag. twtBizCard from the twtApps stable allows you to fill out the field values you would like on your Twitter business card. Then by adding the #txtBizCard hashtag to any tweet you give recipients access to your Twitter business card:


When you send a tweet reply like:

@twtapps Nice to meet you! #twtbizcard

the recipient gets an addtional tweet with a URL (My twtBizCard link) like this on the first occasion:

@twtapps You’ve received your 1st Twitter Business Card. Get it @

From that point on the same recipient knows to go to that same ‘My twtBizCard’ link.

Could be a lot more convenient but is a step in the right direction.


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