Taking a Home Wireless Network on the Road

I’ve read blogs and listened to podcasts about it so knew it could be done. It wasn’t until 4 days before we left for a week (overseas!) in Tasmania that I decided to give it a try – recreating a partial home wireless network on the road.

I knew I was going to a place where my 3 3G wireless broadband was not available, so I had to charge up my Telstra prepaid wireless broadband. To get a good rate per MB I charged it using BPay on a Saturday – not a good idea as the recharge took just more than the 48 hours maximum to take hold, less than 12 hours before departure.

On that same Saturday a quick trip to my local Harvey Norman yielded a NetComm 3G17Wn 3G 3-Port 11n Wi-Fi router:


This worked well with my 3 3G USB modem once I had rediscovered my login name and password for the three.com.au site and reinserted the 3G modem in the router. Finally with my Telstra 3G USB modem in usable state I came to repeat the process and discovered Telstra wanted many pages of interaction to merge my original online 3G account with an existing, long-standing cable modem account. At last the router was working on Telstra 3G.

This occasionally painful process and learning experience paid full dividends at my eventual destination in Tasmania, Pomona Cottages at Beauty Point on the Tamar. It took literally 5 minutes to create a secure wireless network for laptops for my wife and me and of course my iPhone. Well done NetComm.

Yes, I have actually been relaxing as well with pleasant winery visits today. At the same time I have finished a book chapter, applied for a sabbatical semester, sorted a teaching site for a colleague, started writing an exam and fixed several other admin odds and ends. I even cooked the evening meal on the bbq albeit in 12 degrees C temperature. That is productive leisure time for you.


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