New in – Twitter Logs & Quick Pics

This is just a quick demo of two new features. Publicize allows WordPress to send a customisable tweet about every blog post. When creating a post on WordPress a new Publicize edit box is available so the tweet contents can be edited. As usual I am creating this post in Windows Live Writer so I will be interested to see if the tweet will still be generated. Like many people I have been using Twitterfeed to monitor my blog and generate a suitable tweet. This method leads to delays of up to 30 minutes.

A second notable feature allows the insertion of pictures from PicApp which incorporates advertising into the otherwise freely embeddable images like these social media cushions:

[picapp src=”9/0/9/9/CPTPILLOWS_9db8.JPG?adImageId=5046268&imageId=6109280″ width=”500″ height=”375″ /]

Once again WordPress uses its proprietary embed code and has simply persuaded PicApp to generate the WordPress code for each image.


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