Google Wave as a Learning Management System

Peta shared a post by iLibrarian which commented on the Wired Campus article by long-time elearning commentator Jeff Young about the possibility of Google Wave taking over the role of learning management systems (LMS):

by blending instant messaging, wikis, and image and document sharing into one seamless communication interface

Having used Wave for a few weeks this functionality and more is there to be exploited for some roles of an LMS. However these thoughts reignited similar dormant ideas of my own from a few years ago about the hidden gem of SharePoint taking over from LMS of the day reported in a chapter with Charles Herring entitled ‘Building an LMS with Ubiquitous Software’. From this chapter I highlighted that being a generic, powerful content management system SharePoint supported all LMS features save one of the most important – the assessment/grade management module.

The same comments hold true for Wave, although one can hope that the ease of development of Wave extensions and gadgets may lead to suitable assessment modules being added in the future. However, SharePoint is still a dark horse and a look at the SharePoint in Education blog by Mike Herrity will show the extensive efforts of the education community to embrace SharePoint for learning and teaching.

I look forward to experimenting with Wave for educational and many other purposes, but expect Wave to be only a valuable adjunct to an LMS for quick and immediate information sharing and class feedback.


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  1. chris bailey says:

    At my college we use a different tool for working on our projects online.
    Its free and needs no installation since its online, go to
    pretty useful for me since i usually do my projects on the laptop. -chrisman

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